**Closing for Remainder of the Session – Back On April 6th**

A Note from Coach Jason (March 12th, 2020):

“Dear students and families, as you know, my goal as your coach is not only to teach you practical skills for self defense, but also to instill in you and your children a drive to “do the right thing” for our communities. Right now, it is clear to me that the right thing for me to do, as a member of our Nashville community, is to cancel our classes effective now though the end of our scheduled spring break. The goal of measures like this is to slow the spread of this virus so that our healthcare system can provide care to those who need it (either due to the virus or due to all the other things, which will continue). Please stay in touch via email and social media, and reach out to the Elite community if you have needs during this difficult time. And be an awesome human who washes their hands.”

Thank you for understanding & check back here or facebook for updates!