WE WANT TO HELP!! WE HAVE LOTS OF DIGITAL KNOWLEDGE AND CAN ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS – NO RISK & 100% FREE!! We are also offering many of our FREE Digital Marketing Tools for maximizing your online opportunities during this time when more people are looking at your web presence. Let’s talk, you’ll be glad you took time to send me an email with your questions!


During these uncertain times when businesses are looking to cut costs, you need a strategy for going digital with your products and services. With the WySMart Online Toolkit, you have the opportunity to operate your businesses all online..with one login for all the tools below.

The WySMart Local Business Online Toolkit benefits your business in numerous ways:

  • Helps us maintain a trusted relationship with you (our amazing clients) with low- and no-cost tools, while you tighten your budgets.
  • Help you transition your business operations and sales online.
  • More ways for you to communicate with customers and the community, and manage your online presence.
  • E-commerce tools to enable fast online selling.

Many businesses have had to temporarily reduce operating hours or close altogether. They have a small to medium amount of digital presence and may need help pivoting their strategy. They may or may not have had to temporarily terminate their employees. How can the WySMart Online Toolkit help?

Social Marketing: Allows businesses to keep in touch with their customers on Facebook and Google. This is the quickest and most personal touchpoint a business can reach their customers.*
Reputation Builder: Allows a SMB to continue responding to reviews and answering questions. This may include getting caught up on previous reviews they didn’t have time to respond to previously.*
Customer Voice: Allows a business to keep their reviews up to date by requesting reviews from their customers.*
Listing Manager: Allows businesses to keep their information up to date. This may include changing business hours, delivery options, and more information on availability.*
Advertising Intelligence: Whether ads are promoting a business’s e-commerce availability or creating awareness, Advertising Intelligence offers free Facebook Ads and Google Ads reporting.
Constant Contact: Start marketing to customers through Constant Contact. Contests, gift card purchase, business availability, blog or information sharing.

**Please note that Google has stopped all review functionality, including leaving a review, responding to reviews, and Google Q&A. This has been done to protect local businesses during this time.


This time in our lives in one we will never forget, but it doesn’t have to be for the wrong reasons. Just because the inside of your business may have to be closed for now..don’t give up, if there’s any available way to offer your products/services online – we can help you do just that. And, we’re a one-stop-shop for all things digital.

We should never forget how resilient and strong, and just how flexible in our strategy we were during this pivotal time in our small business lives. WySMart has the tools and implementation knowledge available to quickly answer your questions on ‘what’s next?’ and ‘how do I..?’ When it comes to communicating your company’s offering online and allowing customers to buy something, receive their purchase and then provide feedback for you..we can build it for you. Once you are up and running online with customers, we will teach you how to use your new systems as well. In addition to our local tools listed below for quick reference benefits, we recommend leveraging the strength in numbers of GoDaddy’s #OpenWeStand initiative. Learn more about it below and please don’t hesitate to ask us anything at all. We provide chat in bottom left of the screen.

Thank you for your trust and together we will absolutely use this time while so many more eyes have time to search and find you online while stuck at home. The smart business owners will use this ‘downtime’ to communicate more and get the most out of this critical situation in order to come out on the other side stronger than ever before..we are here to help you!