“We just have to use our Ph.D”

‘It’s the Journey, not the destination’

Many professionals and small business owners set huge goals and strive daily to achieve them only to realize the carrot continues to move as they advance. High achievers know that the true objective is to live on purpose with purpose. The better we become as people, the more fulfilling our work becomes.

What a GREAT Breakfast Before Business event last week. Thank you so much, Bill McCleskey, Founder and CEO of Mitech Partners, LLC, for taking the time to speak to our membership. 

Bill has a truly inspiring story. From graduating dead LAST in his high school class, to then applying his “Ph.D” (Psychology, Hustle, and Discipline) to come out FIRST later on down the road. 

By setting small attainable goals and switching our mindset, Bill proved to us that we all have it within us to achieve our dreams.

To learn more about Bill, visit his website at https://www.billmccleskey.com/