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This has not been an easy 14 months for Nashville. From the tornado, to the pandemic, to the Christmas explosion, and now the flood.

But you know what this proves…

Our community is strong. We will not back down. With every blow we take we come back a little bit stronger.

The Bellevue Harpeth Chamber of Commerce community got to work right away last Monday following the flood trying to reach out to see where and how to help victims of the flood.



Below is a list of resources and ways to help keep us BELLEVUE STRONG:

The Harpeth Valley Golf Center was completely devastated and is considered a total loss. In addition to losing their golf shop, all their mowers and course equipment, ball washers, range balls, and instructor’s golf carts were ruined and/or washed away. They have created a Gofundme page to raise money to rebuild.


The Bellevue Sports Athletic Association’s (BSAA) mission is to provide the community with a youth recreational baseball and softball league that will allow each child the opportunity to learn, grow, and compete in an environment that will be a positive life experience. Their entire complex was flooded from the storms. Everything in the concessions must be thrown out/repaired, an extreme amount of cleanup will need to be done, all machinery will need to be drained and fluids added, and tons of misc. resources that will have to be repurchased that are gone with the flood waters. The BSAA has started a Gofundme page as well to help raise funds to rebuild.


Our fellow chamber members, Piedmont Gas, sent out important information regarding natural gas leaks that may occur after a flood:

Smell natural gas? Get out fast!

Flooded natural gas meters or appliances can pose safety risks.

Piedmont Natural Gas is arming customers with safety tips in the event severe weather floods natural gas meters or appliances in the aftermath of a storm.

“The first thing to remember is if you smell natural gas, get out fast! Once the cleanup begins, your flooded natural gas meter and appliances require special attention from licensed professionals,” said Keith Napier, Director of Operations – Eastern Region for Piedmont Natural Gas. “It’s our job to be your natural gas experts, so while we’re on our way, flood victims can stay safe by keeping these simple tips in mind:”

If water has entered your home or business:

  • Do not attempt to disconnect or work on or around your natural gas meter.
  • Do not attempt to repair or relight any of your natural gas appliances yourself.
  • Do not attempt to clear flood debris from your natural gas meter or from any other natural gas appliance, including your water heater.

Nashville Emergency Response Viewing Engine (NERVE) – Metro Nashville Davidson County residents are encouraged to report flood damage to their property through (NERVE (  These self-submitted damage reports help emergency officials report the extent of the damage for disaster relief funding.

Flood Debris Guidelines – All items and materials must be separated into three different piles and placed within 16 feet of the curb or street side for collection. If the debris is not separated, it will not be collected. Please see attached graphic for more information on separation. Learn more here Nashville | Metro Nashville Public Works Announces Flood Debris Guidelines for Metro Residents

If you have appliances or other large items and debris, call the Nashville police department to schedule a bulk item pick up: (615) 862-8600

If you were not personally impacted by the flood, but still feel called to help those who were, visit Projects will be added with the #NashvilleFlooding hashtag as they become available.

Another way to help is to donate to nonprofit organizations that work with outreach teams to ensure equipment goes to those who need it. The following are options:

Park Center:

Open Table Nashville:

Room In The Inn:

Our hearts go out to those who were impacted by the flood. If there are any other ways we can provide assistance, please call (615) 662-2737 or email