JT Haynes, owner of WellVue Nutrition, chose Bellevue to be the home of his nutrition shop because of the sense of that lies within the town. Prior to opening, JT had lived in Bellevue for two years and automatically felt that “hometown feeling.” Once he opened WellVue, JT instantly felt the support of the community. He was overwhelmed with all the support and willingness to help him grow his business.

“I know everybody has down days. On the days that I don’t want to get out of bed I instantly think of all the great customers I’ve gained throughout this experience and how they are relying on me to help them get through their day, and instantly it switches my mood and gives the energy I need to get up and going.”

If you haven’t been to WellVue yet, you’re missing out. They have a variety of shakes and loaded teas. Best part? They’re low in sugar! Stop in today, and tell them the Bellevue Harpeth Chamber of Commerce says hi!